Friday, September 21, 2012

Creative Talent Featuring Erica

I met Erica through my daughter, Shandel, a few years back. She has the most bubbly personality of anyone I have the pleasure of knowing. She is intelligent, hard working, honest, and has a keen eye for photography. Now, Erica was a self-proclaimed "non-crafty type person". She relayed to me that she didn't really care for anything girly and certainly was not a scrapbooker.I took her at her word and instantly loved her as part of my own "brood".

One weekend, Shandel was having a CTMH home gathering that always includes a small project and Erica decided to attend even though she was sure this was not her thing. Her loyalty of friendships is what bought her out that day. I am so thrilled to know that that event sparked something in Erica she never knew she had - a love of paper crafting. Since then, she has created many wonderful projects and her increasing "eye" for pattern and structure is awesome to watch.

I  have to share Erica's beautiful creations with you all.

Don't you agree that is is DEFINITELY not the work of a "non crafty type person"? I think there is an amazing amount of talent in this wonderful person known as Erica.

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  1. Erica is more talented than she gives herself credit for!
    Thanks for sharing her stuff.


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