Thursday, February 25, 2010

Birthday Card for John

Here is this year's birthday card for my future Father-in-law. I used CTMH Basic Textured CS in chocolate for the base of the tri-fold album. Twitterpated and Heartfelt Wonder diecuts adorn the base. I used Twitterpated, Thickers and dollar store stickers for the words on the front cover. I random stamped sayings over the B&T paper before attaching the stickers. The closure wired hounds tooth ribbon and the fibre are both from my local sewing store. The knotted ribbon is CTMH. I printed the saying on Colonial White CS using a computer font called "Curlz". I added some detail to the felt pieces with embroidery floss - makes them less "flat" looking and used a tiny black brad for the squirrel eye. I also inked the edges of the pieces. The acorns at the bottom of the tree are cut out from B&T and adhered to clear craft buttons using liquid glass. Have I told you how much I love that stuff!?!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

February Gifts From the Heart

Here are some pics of the handmade gifts given back and forth for February occasions.

The first is a file box made from a tissue box and decorated with Grace papers. Miranda and I watched a video on one night and she remembered how much I loved the idea. She decided to make me my very own for my birthday. What a wonderful present! I just love it!!


Next is my birthday gift from Shandel. Years ago she and her friends burned a cd for me called "Momma Jams". It was a very eclectic mix of music but they were all my favs. I had commented how I needed another one with updated tunes of today. She used the CTMH Mini-Allsorts album and gave me the gift of music. I just love it!!
OOOPSSS...Miranda worked on Momma C Jams cd too! Sorry Chicklet!

The last is my gift back to them for Valentine's day. I know traditionally the day is for lovers but I love my kids so I give them treats too! I'm a crafter at heart and although this one contains no papercrafting at all I think it turned out beautiful and I wanted to share it with you. They each received a Kisses rosebud bouquet. I got all my supplies at Walmart and put these together in about 20 minutes per bouquet. This was my first attempt at making a large stand alone bow and I was happy with the results - thank you YouTube videos...LOL. It really is amazing how bits and pieces can come together to make a gorgeous whole.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Answers & Winners!

OK Here are the answers to our mystery shoe journey.

1. The number 13 - clues throughout starting with the flight number (0513 = Friday(5th day) 13th).
2. Timmies is fav beverage - shown in pic 1.
3. Six Feet Under was fav show - shown in pic 2.
4. Stephen King is fav author - shown in pic 3. I wasn't looking for fav book - too many good
5. Lady Gaga is fav singer - clue "Lady" in post 1, clue "Gaga" in post 2. "Pokerface" song reference in later post.
6. Chocolate ice cream is favorite ice cream - clue in post 3.
7. Dog is favorite animal - clue is last pic of Feb 5.
8. A Brad is fav embellie for papercrafting - part of handmade gift and part of brad buddies in blog candy pic.
9. Green is fav color - on shoe background paper.
10. Fall is fav season - on shoe background paper.
11. Camping is fav activity - on shoe adornment (trees, bear, outdoor food sticker).
12. Halloween is fav holiday - Boo and ghost on strap of shoe, moon sticker on shoe, "I'm a witch" reference.
13. This was the hard one! Egypt is my fav country. The sphinx is shown inside the shoe!!

Thanks for all who played along.

Since there was no winner but 4 dedicated people did email to play along, I will send you each a mystery piece of the blog candy. I deeply appreciate your commitment to sharing my birthday with me. You made my day alot brighter with your friendship.

Please email me your mailing address for your prize:

Have a great day everyone!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Journey Ends

Well it is officially February 7th and the flight will now de-board.

The followers did not increase so those 2 pieces of blog candy were not won. They will roll over to the next giveaway.

4 passengers emailed me: Rosalynd, Lori, Shandel & Miranda. I will review your answers in the morning. No one got all the answers so what will happen is the closest amount correct will be the winner!

Until the morning....

Pssst Lori - I have a houseful of family tonight and into tomorrow.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Off for the Afternoon

Hello Travellers!
We are currently flying way below the internationally acceptable height of 13,000 feet due to my followers being still too low {big sad face :( } I was sooo hoping for 45 followers. Even 30 followers would bring another huge hint to the cabin.

But the day is young and before I break camp here, I will leave you with a few words of wisdom from a song:

"No, no, no, no he can't read-a my poker face"

Oh, I'm such a witch!!!!


I just had an email from a frantic passenger requesting if I could delete her comment. She had put her answer list into the post. I had to redo my full post as I cannot just delete comments. I might have not been clear on my instructions so I redid the post sans her comment.

WARNING - Do NOT post your answer list unless you want to share your findings with others. I will not redo the post again.

The only thing you need to post in the comments section is  your confirmation that you emailed me your list.

Please post questions regarding the hunt in the comments section so that everyone has access to the answers.
Question emailed to me: Is the band on the top of the shoe the same hint as the paper used on the outside of the shoe?
Answer: NO. The band is one hint. The paper on the outside of the shoe includes 2 additional favorite hints. The shoe as a whole contains hints for 5 favorites.

"The Shoe is Here"

Isn't it gorgeous??? LMAO - NOT! It really is one ugly shoe however it does contain 5 out of ?#? of my favorites. It does NOT contain 1 particular favorite regarding my scrapbooking habits.

I will be redesigning her - not sure why I feel it is of the feminine persuation - after the festivities to represent completely on of my favorite summer activities. AH HAH! There's one freebie for you.

Remember, the hints are listed throughout yesterday's and today's posts and pictures. It's an adventure scavenger hunt. Do like the shoe and take a walk around.
Now fellow travellers there should be many many comments left on this post. This is where you will notify me and others that you have submitted your entry. This is where my 45th follower will take his or her place of honor. This is where I may feel very giving and leave additional hints.

This is where the party is Happenin!!

It's Here!!!!! My Birthday and Your Official Flight Guide to Winning.

"Happy Birthday to Me; Happy Birthday to Me; Happy Birthday Dear Myself; Happy Birthday tooooooooooo MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!

Rise and Shine Passengers. Today is February 6th and it is going to prove to be a very special day for not only me but 3 lucky winners as well.

Put your seatbacks and tray tables in their fully upright and locked positions please. Give me your undivided attention as I go through Perfect Finishes Flight #0513 rules and regulations that ensure you have a fun-fulled adventure. Below are the items that you will receive only if you have a successful journey.

Blog Candy #1 - To the person who guesses the number of favorite things I have revealed about myself AND lists them all - a selection of embellies, mini stamp-set, blank board book and handmade item. HINT* Included is one of my favorite things to use in my papercrafting. I use it on almost every project I create.

Blog Candy #2 - To the 45th follower as shown on the followers list on the right hand side of this blog - a new Autumn Leaves stamp set

Blog Candy #3 - To the person who invited the 45th person to join us - a new MyAcrylix stamp set and CTMH ink pad

Aren't they some very yummy pieces of candy!!

How To Enter:
1. Once you have determined the complete list of my favorites email me directly at Use ''Birthday Blog Candy'' in your subject line.

2. Leave a comment under the "The Shoe Has Arrived" post announcing you have submitted your guess. Other passengers will continue to have until midnight tonight (the witching hour) to submit their guesses.

3. If you are the 45th follower email me directly at  Use "Happy 45th" as your subject line. Include the name and email address of the person who referred you.

4. Announce your honored place by leaving a comment under the "The Shoe Has Arrived" post.

Additional Tips and Hints.
Everyone should submit a list to me. You never know if the person who submitted before you determined the correct number of favorites I'm looking for. Again, the hint is that the answer is my favorite number. They may have gotten the number of favs correct but didn't get what those fav are correctly.

For those just joining check back through all the posts AND comments as hints are already out in them.

I will be checking back throughout the day on your progress and to answer any questions you may have.

Good Luck and Have Fun!!! It's a Party!!!!!!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Nighty Night fellow Travellers

It is time to put your seats into their fully reclined position as I hand out fluffy pillows and warm blankets to you all. Thank you all for checking out the features today. Tomorrow comes soon enough so get your rest. It will be a big day and the SHOE with the rest of the CLUES is due to join this adventure!

Just a reminder from your friendly flight attendent before dimming the lights. Check the comments to each post carefully. Additional clues and revealed answers have already flown in there.

May you all sleep as peacefully as these little ones.

Attention Passengers

Please make sure your seat belts are securely fastened. The pilot has warned me that we are heading into some turbulance. A closet scrapbooking family member has snuck on board!! Welcome aboard Miranda. She is only pointing out the obvious clues that I know you have already guessed. Yes, my favorite non-alcoholic beverage is Timmies and yes my favorite TV series is/was Six Feet Under. Boy does that bring back memories for me! I used to curl up on the couch with my bowl of chocolate ice cream and watch the fictional goings-on in the funeral home for hours at a time. As a side note, the one actor now has his own tv show - Dexter. He is equally creepy in that one as well.

Anyhow back to the next installment of Perfect Finishes Flight #0513 picture feature. Two more blog candy items are shown in this vignette. My spelling is horrible! As a recap, the blog candy now consists of a mini stampset including block, a hand crafted friendship picture holder, a set of mini rubons, and a 3-pack of brad buddies! The best part is that there are more pieces of blog candy to come.

I will now leave you to your reading and viewing pleasure.

Second Showing

Hello Passengers! I see it is quite quiet in the cabin. I was hoping for more Hooplah and people going Gaga over the clues. That's ok though. You will have all day Saturday to figure out what each post and picture means.

For your viewing and sleuthing pleasure, Perfect Finishes Flight# 0513 brings you the next installment.

Our Birthday Blog Candy Journey Begins

Welcome to Perfect Finishes Flight #0513!! My name is Christine and I will be your flight attendant for the next 48 hours. Give me your attention for just a few moments while I explain some of the wonderful features onboard.

Now, most of you don't know me at all and some of you know me a bit and a few know a whole lot more than you need to know (pssst - keep that to yourselves!). I will be including clues in each post so pay close attention to everything you see and read. You may not know your fellow passengers so by all means feel free to move about the cabin and visit.

The first feature right below is a comment link. Please use this many many times. Chat with your fellow passengers or request some special in-flight service from me. Your flight buddies could help you figure out some of the clues. In-flight services may include additional information regarding the clue posted. You never know unless you post a comment.

The second feature is to your right and is the "follow" link. Unlike commercial flights, Perfect Finishes Flight #0513 welcomes passengers during mid-flight! A full birthday flight should have 45 passengers. Please give me a wonderful birthday gift and invite all your friends aboard. Passenger 45 is already a winner along with their invitor.

The third feature is in-flight pictures. All the pictures will contain the clues needed to help you figure out just a few of my favorite things. They will also contain glimpses of the blog candy that will be distributed to the winning passengers. The birthday SHOE will be posted first thing tomorrow morning. It, combined with all my postings today, will give you the complete list.

Any questions before we depart - yes, the Lady in the back. How many things are on the list you ask? Your list will contain as many items as my favorite number of course!!!!!

Sit back, relax, have a sip of your favorite beverage, and please enjoy your first in-flight picture of the trip.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

My Birthday is Approaching...

and I'm throwing a surprise birthday blog party!!! You and as many friends as you want to bring are all invited.

Saturday will mark an important birthday for me. I will be 45 years old! Oh my gosh where does the time go? Every birthday I take time to reflect on where I've been, where I am, and where I'm going. It's a time for me to take stock of life and re-evaluate goals and dreams. Not only is this a trip down memory lane but it is a scary expedition into the future.

I'd love for you to share in this adventure. I have created a birthday SHOE to mark the occasion of my 45th "excursion". It's a special shoe because it showcases favorite things about me. After all, if we are going to be travelling together you really should know who you're travelling with!

The Party:
1. Check back on Saturday for my Shoe and identify what my favorite things are. *Hint* My favorite number is how many things there are.

2. Post a comment listing as many of my favorite things that you can figure out from my shoe design.
3. Invite your friends to be followers as well. Ask them to thank you in their post. I'd love a gift of 45 followers for my 45th birthday.

The Surprise:

I have 2 surprise gifts of candy for you:
1. For the first person who guesses all my favorites.
2. For the 45th follower invited AND their invitor. (Is that a word?)

I will announce the winners Sunday evening. Good luck and God-speed to you all!!