Saturday, February 6, 2010


I just had an email from a frantic passenger requesting if I could delete her comment. She had put her answer list into the post. I had to redo my full post as I cannot just delete comments. I might have not been clear on my instructions so I redid the post sans her comment.

WARNING - Do NOT post your answer list unless you want to share your findings with others. I will not redo the post again.

The only thing you need to post in the comments section is  your confirmation that you emailed me your list.

Please post questions regarding the hunt in the comments section so that everyone has access to the answers.
Question emailed to me: Is the band on the top of the shoe the same hint as the paper used on the outside of the shoe?
Answer: NO. The band is one hint. The paper on the outside of the shoe includes 2 additional favorite hints. The shoe as a whole contains hints for 5 favorites.

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