Friday, February 5, 2010

Our Birthday Blog Candy Journey Begins

Welcome to Perfect Finishes Flight #0513!! My name is Christine and I will be your flight attendant for the next 48 hours. Give me your attention for just a few moments while I explain some of the wonderful features onboard.

Now, most of you don't know me at all and some of you know me a bit and a few know a whole lot more than you need to know (pssst - keep that to yourselves!). I will be including clues in each post so pay close attention to everything you see and read. You may not know your fellow passengers so by all means feel free to move about the cabin and visit.

The first feature right below is a comment link. Please use this many many times. Chat with your fellow passengers or request some special in-flight service from me. Your flight buddies could help you figure out some of the clues. In-flight services may include additional information regarding the clue posted. You never know unless you post a comment.

The second feature is to your right and is the "follow" link. Unlike commercial flights, Perfect Finishes Flight #0513 welcomes passengers during mid-flight! A full birthday flight should have 45 passengers. Please give me a wonderful birthday gift and invite all your friends aboard. Passenger 45 is already a winner along with their invitor.

The third feature is in-flight pictures. All the pictures will contain the clues needed to help you figure out just a few of my favorite things. They will also contain glimpses of the blog candy that will be distributed to the winning passengers. The birthday SHOE will be posted first thing tomorrow morning. It, combined with all my postings today, will give you the complete list.

Any questions before we depart - yes, the Lady in the back. How many things are on the list you ask? Your list will contain as many items as my favorite number of course!!!!!

Sit back, relax, have a sip of your favorite beverage, and please enjoy your first in-flight picture of the trip.


  1. Mom's favorite drink...Tim Hortons coffee.

  2. I'm on board Christine!! I'll try to be here tomorrow (:

    Happy Birthday!!!

  3. Thanks Jenn!!
    Miranda - welcome aboard. Yes my visual clues are quite obvious HOWEVER you must read the posts to glean the remainder of my favorites. I know how MUCH you love reading! Mommy loves you!

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