Friday, February 5, 2010

Attention Passengers

Please make sure your seat belts are securely fastened. The pilot has warned me that we are heading into some turbulance. A closet scrapbooking family member has snuck on board!! Welcome aboard Miranda. She is only pointing out the obvious clues that I know you have already guessed. Yes, my favorite non-alcoholic beverage is Timmies and yes my favorite TV series is/was Six Feet Under. Boy does that bring back memories for me! I used to curl up on the couch with my bowl of chocolate ice cream and watch the fictional goings-on in the funeral home for hours at a time. As a side note, the one actor now has his own tv show - Dexter. He is equally creepy in that one as well.

Anyhow back to the next installment of Perfect Finishes Flight #0513 picture feature. Two more blog candy items are shown in this vignette. My spelling is horrible! As a recap, the blog candy now consists of a mini stampset including block, a hand crafted friendship picture holder, a set of mini rubons, and a 3-pack of brad buddies! The best part is that there are more pieces of blog candy to come.

I will now leave you to your reading and viewing pleasure.


  1. Hey Christine. Ok so I invited like 11 friends, lets see how many of them show up!

    I have 3 things that are your favorite but the question is... should I share with the rest of you?? :) little Miss chocolate ice cream eh? Really, I thought it was chocolate in general.

  2. Whooohoooo Lori - welcome aboard!! Oh I hope they all come along for the journey. Chocolate is good in any form but ice cream is the preferred choice for dessert.

    Whether you want to share with the other passengers is completely up to you. I guess it depends on how badly you want all that candy for yourself. I know...I'm evil. Hmmmm that trait is definitely associated with my favorite..........................?


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