Saturday, February 6, 2010

"The Shoe is Here"

Isn't it gorgeous??? LMAO - NOT! It really is one ugly shoe however it does contain 5 out of ?#? of my favorites. It does NOT contain 1 particular favorite regarding my scrapbooking habits.

I will be redesigning her - not sure why I feel it is of the feminine persuation - after the festivities to represent completely on of my favorite summer activities. AH HAH! There's one freebie for you.

Remember, the hints are listed throughout yesterday's and today's posts and pictures. It's an adventure scavenger hunt. Do like the shoe and take a walk around.
Now fellow travellers there should be many many comments left on this post. This is where you will notify me and others that you have submitted your entry. This is where my 45th follower will take his or her place of honor. This is where I may feel very giving and leave additional hints.

This is where the party is Happenin!!


  1. Ok...First...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!
    Next, I have emailed my list!

  2. Happy 45th! I've sent you my list! Fun travelling with you on your special day!!!


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