Thursday, February 18, 2010

February Gifts From the Heart

Here are some pics of the handmade gifts given back and forth for February occasions.

The first is a file box made from a tissue box and decorated with Grace papers. Miranda and I watched a video on one night and she remembered how much I loved the idea. She decided to make me my very own for my birthday. What a wonderful present! I just love it!!


Next is my birthday gift from Shandel. Years ago she and her friends burned a cd for me called "Momma Jams". It was a very eclectic mix of music but they were all my favs. I had commented how I needed another one with updated tunes of today. She used the CTMH Mini-Allsorts album and gave me the gift of music. I just love it!!
OOOPSSS...Miranda worked on Momma C Jams cd too! Sorry Chicklet!

The last is my gift back to them for Valentine's day. I know traditionally the day is for lovers but I love my kids so I give them treats too! I'm a crafter at heart and although this one contains no papercrafting at all I think it turned out beautiful and I wanted to share it with you. They each received a Kisses rosebud bouquet. I got all my supplies at Walmart and put these together in about 20 minutes per bouquet. This was my first attempt at making a large stand alone bow and I was happy with the results - thank you YouTube videos...LOL. It really is amazing how bits and pieces can come together to make a gorgeous whole.

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