Monday, October 15, 2012

Shake Your Bootie...err Card!

I have to share a wonderful Christmas card made by one my talented daughters, Shandel. She decided to try her hand at a shaker card and what a beautiful job she did!

The shaker card is only limited by your imagination. It can be any shape or size as long as it fits over top of your card base.

To make a shaker card you will need your card, a shape with the center cut out, double sided foam tape, shaker material and, clear plastic to keep the material inside. Shandel used CTMH Partridge & Pear B&T paper, Cranberry and New England Ivy cardstock, CTMH foam tape, pretty red stars she picked up at Michaels and the clear window was cut from a sheet of transparency paper. This you can get at any office supply store. If you don't want to leave the comfort of your home you can also cut a piece from a clear plastic bakery container. Make sure you enjoy the baked goods while you craft!

The easiest way to make your shaker is from the outside in. First cut your shape and a piece of transparancy paper slightly smaller than your shape, making sure it fully covers the opening in the shape. Embellish the shape the way you want it. Shandel used the CTMH  Merry & Bright (C1510)  stamp set to add holly berries.

Lay the shape face down and adhere the transparency to the back side of the shape. Put the foam tape all the way around the shape, making sure there are no gaps or else you will lose your shaker material! I like to cut smaller pieces especially when going around corners. Fill the shaker at this point before removing the second covering from the foam tape so that you don't get stray material on the sticky parts.

The last part is the tricky part - centering your card over the shaker to adhere it together. I usually stand at a height where I can look sideways between the layers as I'm putting them together. This way I can "see" where the shaker needs to be. Viola! Shaker card made!!


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