Monday, December 21, 2009

Camera Down!!

Isn't it funny how a scrabooker cannot be without a camera? My old hand-me-down camera finally decided to stop reading it's SD card. I'm clicking away, minding my own business when suddenly what appears in front if my view - CANNOT READ CARD - in bright red letters. Not one of the pics this morning were saved. All the prior pics are good as my lovely laptop showed me them. It's the camera that has become illiterate. Sooooo my next purchase shall be a shiny new camera all my very own. I know! How exciting for  me! Please leave your suggestions for what type of camera you use and what you would recommend.

But I do have a trusty (well sorta) backup one with limited settings for me to play with and wreck. It's a camera, it's a video camera, it's an mp3 player, it's an e-reader. But lord only knows how to make it do these things! There are no motion or night settings. There is just point and click - sigh.

I did manage to snap a pic of my latest layout. This is from the CTMH Grace WOTG kit. This is the first time I've used a WOTG and I love them! Everything is laid out for you right down to what and where to embellish! I'm planning on doing the second layout and the card workshop as well.

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