Thursday, April 5, 2012

Westlock, Alberta Snow Day

For once, the weatherman was right on the money with this early spring storm forecast. Currently, the highways north of Edmonton are in horrific shape and my employer has declared a Snow Day!

Here's a peek outside my front door. Yesterday, I could see my front lawn and I was planning my new flower bed placement. This morning I see potential snowman space!

Yesterday, my back yard was completely free of snow and visions of vegetable garden improvements were dancing in my head. This morning you can't tell there is a plot beside the garage.

My handrail is my snow gauge. It is 1 1/2 inches high and as you can see the snow is at least twice the height as the wood so we are at approximately 3 inches of accumulation.

Currently, the snow is continuing at a steady rate with very large wet and fluffy flakes! I believe we will get the 6 to 10 inches that was forecast last night.

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