Saturday, June 12, 2010

Awesome Cards

I would like to share some of the artwork that 2 of my fabulous customers created.

These first two were created by Shandel. These are simply stunning! Her suit cards could be used for so many masculine events - wedding and graduation being only 2 ideas. The details are amazing in the ribbon ties and hankies. The second card is so elegant! I love the way she created faux ribbons out of paper. I give her 10 out of 10 for these handmade treasures!

These next two were created by Erica. She is a beginning paper crafter and I think you would agree with me that she has found a talent buried within her. Her flower card is simple yet extremely elegant. What an awesome job she did on creating the flowers that make card this just pop! The vest card is a wonderful creation. By using an embossing folder she added subtle dimension to the outside of the card without taking away from the absolutely fantastic inner details of the collar and tie pieces. I give these 10 out of 10 again! 

Don't you agree that these 2 ladies have talent? Please leave a comment to let them know what awesome work they do and to encourage them to create even more wonderful art!

Have you made a project that you'd like me to showcase here? Send me an email with your artwork and I will let the world know how awesomely talented my customers are!!

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  1. Erica (my daughter) was not much into this craft stuff growing up but WHOW! It is amazing what she can do with some great crafters influencing her and showing her the ropes. I am so impressed with her (she also has some new found photography skills). Shandel - love the suit cards - very classy. Keep up the good work girls.


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