Wednesday, June 9, 2010

First Picture Tutorial

Hello Everyone!
I was asked by a couple of friends how I made my infamous shoe. And would I be willing to do a tutorial on how to put it all together. So here we go!

First I need to give credit to the designer of the template - Ellen Hutson. It is her template that I used for this project. You can purchase a copy of it here .

Here is what the shoe will look like when completed

List of Supplies:
Downloaded shoe template
2 pieces of co-ordinating patterned paper - I used CTMH You Rock paper pack
3 brads
1 flower or other embellishment for the top of the show
2 pieces of ribbon, 1 cut about an inch shorter
1 ribbon slide
Any other embellishments you want to add to dress up your shoe
Bone Folder
Paper piercer
Sticky adhesive - I used Glue-Glider Pro with PermaTac
Liquid glue for liner - I used CTMH Bonding Memories glue pen

This next part is up to you. You can either print out the template right onto the back of your patterned paper or make a cardstock template and trace around it. I used the cardstock template because I wanted to make sure to get the striped paper lined up correctly.

I put little marks outside the tracing to show me where the score lines start and end. Line up your ruler with the scoreline marks and score using a bone folder. The score doesn`t have to be deep so I scored this right on top my craft mat.

Next cut out your pattern and fold on the score lines.

As you push the scored areas together you will start to see the shoe shape forming.

Working from the back of the shoe, overlap and glue the 2 back flaps. Make sure you line up the edges of the 2 flaps to form a nice heel back.

Now to finish the heel. Turn the shoe upside down and do the same procedure with the heel flaps.

Now flip the shoe back over and let`s finish the top. Glue the sole in. Put adhesive on the 2 small flaps and the underside. This may be a bit tricky the first time doing this and you might want to use some liquid glue instead of runner.

 This next part is even trickier so I would advise you use liquid glue to get the liner set into place properly. Make sure to line up all the edges as close as you can. You can trim away where you didn`t line up quite right.

In my sample I didn`t score the top flaps as I wanted a rounded shoe top. If you score on these lines you will get a flat shoe top.

Overlap the flaps and glue them together. Then with your paper piercer, pierce a hole in the center where you will insert a brad with your embellishment.

Insert your brad through the embellishment and through the hole you pierced. I used CTMH Crocheted Flower, but you can use any flower or bow. You can basically decorate the top how you wish. Instead of a flower or bow you could use brads in a line as a buttons. You are only limited by your imagination here!

Now at this point you can leave it as is or attach a strap to the top. I chose to put on a strap. Pierce 2 holes on either side. Attach a piece of ribbon to each side with a brad.

Thread a ribbon slide onto the shorter ribbon. Insert ribbon from bottom over top the center and back down through the other opening. Take the longer ribbon and thread it the opposite way over top the shorter piece.

And here is the completed shoe!

Well I hope you all enjoyed my first tutorial. Let me know by leaving a comment or better yet become a follower.

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