Friday, July 9, 2010

Hinged Box Tutorial Part 1

Good Morning! As promised I have a special tutorial for you. I will be doing this in several parts. The first picture shows the cutting/scoring diagram for all the parts.

Today we will be working on the basic hinged box. 
First you will need 2 pieces of heavy cardstock.
      Side A - Cut 1 at 8.5" x 7"
      Side B - Cut 1 at 8.5" x 8" - hinged side
These 2 pieces are what you are going to make the basic box with.

Score Side A  at 1" in on all four sides. This will make the box 1" deep'

Snip one side on each of the corners to the 1" score mark to create flaps for your box.
Fold each side inwards to create your sides. Adhere each of the flaps using a strong adhesive. I used CTMH Liquid Glass. I just love that stuff! You cannot imagine the things I have repaired in my house using this product.

Set this piece aside. We will now build the other half of the box with the hinge.
Again, score the piece 1" in on each side.
To create the hinge, you need to make a second 1" score line.
With the 8" side against the top of your scoring tool, score 2" in from the right side.
See the diagram below to see where to score this mark - sorry I'm hoping I explain this correctly!

Cut off the 2 square corners at the first score line. This becomes your hinge to join the 2 boxes together.

Again snip each corner to create flaps. Fold all your sides in making sure to use a mountain fold for your hinge. This piece will slide into Side A to complete the hinge. Adhere all the flaps. Your second side is now ready to join to the first one.

Place the two sides back to back and slide the hinge from Side B into Side A. Adhere with strong adhesive.

VIOLA!!! You now have a hinged box!! Easy Peasy!!

Tomorrow we will work on all the pockets and the closure.

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial. Please feel free to email me with any questions you may have.

** Paper crafts are meant to be enjoyable for all who choose this craft. I do not have a patent or copyright for building boxes. Feel free to copy this tutorial and share with others as you wish. Happy Paper Crafting! **

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  1. Christine:
    Thanks so very much for sharing the instructions on how to make the hinged box! Have a blessed day!


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