Thursday, July 8, 2010

Key To My Heart Layout Challenge

I've decided to do some catchup work on my layouts. I'm starting at the beginning of Helen Onulyks Scrapbook Challenge and since it is up to 66 now I'm waaaaaaay behind! I love these because they use our program books which are fantastic starting points for your pages.

I used an old Constant Campaign kit called Key To My Heart. I love love love this paper. Here are my layouts for challenges 1, 2, and 3.

Challenge 1 ==> Cherish Abstract Pg 66-67

I used machine stitching on the 2 small cross pieces and a couple of elements from Heartfelt Whimsy.

Challenge 2 ==> Imagine Memoirs Complete Pg 66-67

Again I played with  my sewing machine and used some decorative stitching on either side of the cross pieces at the bottom of the layout. The ribbon, paper clips, and brads are from the Connections Club mini Black assortment pack.

Challenge 3 ==> Cherish Now and Then Pg 100-101

I used 4 Pewter photo holders and a combination of 2 types of sassy strands to outline the frame on the LHS page.

Stay tuned for more layouts and my second tutorial! The tutorial is on how to build a basic hinged box. This can then be used for a variety of projects such as a paper suitcase or purse-type tote.

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